The territory

The philosophy of our wines is imprinted by our passion. Grape cultivation at Torre a Cona goes back far in time. The project carried out by the present ownership has rediscovered this origin and in the last decades it has provided a new life for this activity.

About 20 hectares are dedicated to vineyards located on our estate in different positions. The altitude varies from 300 to 410 meters above sea level. The soils are of diverse composition from clay to calcareous limestone and in some areas there are some outcrops of alberese, a particular type of limestone. The varieties of grapes grown on the estate are Sangiovese, Colorino, Merlot, Trebbiano Toscano and Malvasia Bianca.

Badia a Corte

The oldest vineyard is Badia a Corte. Extending for about one hectar, 350 meters above sea level, its soil is composed by a mixture of sand 31%, lime 34% and clay 35%. The grape grown here is the Sangiovese and the average age of the plants is around 30 years.


In front of the Badia a Corte lie the two hectares of the vineyard Casamaggio at an altitude of 320 meters above sea level; as in Badia a Corte the soil presents a mixture of sand 38%, lime 30% and clay 32%. Colorino and Sangiovese are grown here; the average age of the vineyards is about 25 years.


The highest vineyard is Badiuzza of which its 4,5 hectares are entirely cultivated with Sangiovese grapes and represent an extension of Badia a Corte. It’s characterized by a soil with fewer stones compared to the more famous vineyard (sand 33%, limestone 30% clay 37%.


Following on our path we find the vineyard called Chiusurli where the soil composition is more clay loam with more stones (sand 43% lime 26% clay 31%) in fact the perfect soil for the Merlot. It is 300 meters above sea level, and it extends for 2,5 hectares.


The next vineyard we find is called Merlaia . 300 meters above sea level, it extends for about 3 hectares cultivated partly with Trebbiano Toscano and Malvasia Bianca. Mostly composed of clay , the soil has a higher presence of stones (sand 28%, lime 29%, clay 43%.)

Mulino a vento

Close to what used to be a windmill , later transformed in a tower, lies one of our youngest vineyards, called of the Mulino a Vento. The altitude is about 350 meters above sea level, it extends for about 2,5 hectares. The loam soil has plenty of stones ( sand 28%, limestone 41% clay 31%). Sangiovese and Colorino are the grapes grown here.

Fonte Petrini

The last addition to the estate is the vineyard called Fonte Petrini. Situated 270 meters above sea level, its loamy soil is composed of sand 32%, limestone 25% and clay 42%. It’s all cultivated with Sangiovese grapes.

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