Intact and full of memories which time has settled in their walls. For more than five centuries.

Already present in the old images depicting the estate, it is estimated that they were built before the 17th century and therefore even prior to the construction of the Villa. The Padoa family, who became the proprietors at the beginning of the 19th century, renovated the cellars, leaving all the family signs still visible today , testifying the works that had been accomplished.

After the harvest

Presently there are three operational areas which guarantee all the procedures for the transformation of the grapes into wine and its consequent aging. The first space is dedicated to the vats with controlled temperature used for the fermentation and maceration right after the harvest.

La bottaia Barrel Cellar

Located at an underground level, it is an antique and amazing place where there are humidity and ideal temperatures all year round allowing the big oak barrels to contain wines which can age in perfect environmental conditions.


In an ancient building adjacent to the barrel cellar, is where the fermentation and aging of our Vin Santo take place. It is here that for about five years we age our Vin Santo del Chianti Merlaia and Vin Santo Occhio di Pernice Fonti e Lecceta in small oak barrels according to tradition.

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